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We specialize in the design and manufacture of highly technical molds.

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Company dedicated to the national importation and distribution of plastic injection machinery.

Our human capital is to collaborate closely on each project to grow and be more competitive. Offer our experience, trust, commitment, technology and quality to meet all your expectations.



We are flexible, we listen to your needs to offer the best and most suitable thermoplastic injection or blow molding machines or molds, meeting your capacity and investment expectations.


We Investigate

We will always look for the most competitive alternatives for your company.


We Analyze

We study your project and analyze different options so that the investment decision is optimal, seeking cost efficiency.


We Performed

For reliability and service, we guarantee delivery times and quality controls from the design phase to the final product to ensure that each of the production processes has been performed correctly.


We specialize in the design and manufacture of highly technical molds

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rubber 160 FA

Specializing in the injection molding equipment manufacturing industry, it offers a unique solution as an equipment supplier, integrating design, research and development, manufacturing, sales and customer support functions.

Guangdong Liansu Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production, sale and service of extrusion and automation equipment.

liansu fei 6663

FORMAX is a manufacturing and engineering company founded in 1992 with the philosophy and primary objective of serving the plastics processing industry worldwide by providing high quality auxiliary equipment and automation systems.

formax FGB-14


Real-time X-ray inspection system for products and parts

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